This interactive site or “blog” has been prepared to provide access to each and every person who is interested in the path ahead.

As we all advance in our own way, it is sometimes important to know that someone out there in the world actually cares about our progress. The positive interaction that we invite here will serve us all in the encouragement of perfection, love and harmony in the world.

If we all look at what is new, without assumption or opinion, it will soon become obvious that our new world of Magic and Miracles is a better place than anything we can imagine from the past.


24 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Robert and dear Barbara
    It’s so great to be a little bit more in touch with you both through your “new” blogs.
    I wish to thank for EVERYTHING from you both,
    loving and appreciating you (there are no words).
    Wishing you all your best at every moment!

  2. Adored the UK radio slot. Tried to ring you but I got no connection and then number disconnected. I would love to connect to catch up. Please advise! Love and light. Kristina

    1. Hi Kristina,
      This is Barbara. got your message. Here is where we are in Santa Barbara, CA. 1136 La Vista Road, zip is 93110 (you can google map us :-))
      Barbaraworks.com and our Skype name is: young_robert.
      We are once again excited about GIAWellness. Our website is http://www.giawellness.com/youngsight.
      We have been drinking the I Water since 2010 and we feel great. Check out the videos on our website….informative!
      Best news is that the BEST news is around the corner. Tell us about you.
      Barbara and Robert
      P.S. Are you on our mailing list? http://www.youngsight.com/join

  3. Thank you again, wow, you answered back,sometime you attract the same kind of people. I felt warm & loved. It’s urgent I speak to Robert then when time permits I want to be in the presence with you both, like the video I watched on the website.

  4. Dear Robert & Barbra Young,
    I wish you the very best Holiday and more successful of 2015.
    I keep listening to your messages about finance, It gave me a lot of comfort.
    Thank you so much

  5. Dear Robert and dear Barbra
    I just love what you do, I listened we begin again, numerous time, here is my question,how to become part in the project?, I will smile in the mean time.

  6. Hi Robert,
    I listened to infinite trust, when you talk about trust, deeply inside I believe that. How do you connect watching you on youtube to be effective? I suffer, please help me to transform my life to the fullest.
    Thanks again

    1. Hello … a.d

      There are a couple of things that I would like to suggest so that you can see another side of everything.
      Firstly, don’t believe anything … step forward and experience it for yourself and then you will “know” and have no need to believe.
      Secondly, suffering is a total waste of time and effort, and like many other things, the only way to deal with it is to simply “stop it”. You need no other reason.
      Thirdly, you do not need to transform … you are perfect as you are … enjoy your own presence and watch what happens.
      Love and Harmony,

  7. Hi Robert,
    What a beautiful comment you send me in just a short time, thank you, thank you, I will just do that enjoy my own harmony.
    Thanks again

  8. Hello dear Robert,

    As I am progressing feeling more and more my own energies feeling its expressions, I also feel excruciating pains in my body that are not comfortable at all and find myself trying to do something about it. I am done going down the ladder of emotions and old beliefs of being stuck forever and having failed. I truly desire to be done with this forever. I love some light shed on some of my blind spots. Thanks so much, Irene

    1. Hello dear Robert,
      Thank you and everyone so much for holding a space. I feel so much better and so much more “in control” of my own energy. My body feels more and more comfortable and densities are leaving. I finally feel I am truly and wholy moving forward :))

  9. Dear Robert,

    I have never felt so connected to myself in life. I know I need to work, to generate to be responsible. I do not know what happened to this part of my life just to mention. I am happy to find this path, this is me, you found me I found you. The first time I don’t beat myself up. What’s incredible, what Robert said you’re are part of the people around him including me. I am face to face person, I do not have the urge to come where you’re, It’s ok to participate from where ever I am. I experience silence also I experience having visitors, i was confused & called my sister long distance, she told me not to loose it, it might take 10 years, once you let go then she said it happened to her.
    I look forward for this coming Sunday. I probably won’t able to advance if it wasn’t for name your price.
    I thank you, I love you, Robert & Barbra Young. I am so grateful, you have no idea how much you meant to me.
    with love

  10. I am really enjoying your youtube videos & I have nearly watch them all. I have done everything you suggest however I do need a little help or some energy pushed my way please. All suggestions welcome 🙂

    1. Hi Sue,
      In the very near future we intend to open our communication on the internet and allow interaction that will help everyone go to where ever they need to go. Keep watching and we will talk to you soon.
      Love and harmony,

  11. woohoo that is excellent news…..:) I am doing the happy dance as I want to get into the world of miracles
    & magic love & harmony back to you & Barbara

  12. Dear Robert,
    I want to tell you how much I advance, amazingly progressed, now I know to switch on to positive without giving it time. I thank you so much to make me better & better,also there is a slight shift I see with my sister, sometimes she is handful always has something to complain about, she get sick a lot, have always problem with her legs, head… I tried the signal all the time. I want to try your device. I like to order, l left to you. I like to be told, please help me to go forward. Also little annoying mistakes I made, making it difficult for me. I do not understand, please let me know.

  13. Dear Robert,
    It’s really nurturing that you care for the progress, I thank you for that. I want to be honest, money continues to be a struggle also my situation of housing, not knowing where to go what to do, you have my permission to tell me. I am better & better day by day, but still on a daily bases, I feel I am going around the circle also what I am afraid of I commit myself for a year, then I am not able to continue, I hear a lot it’s not about money, it’s other wise I would be here all dressed up no where to go. I have a lot, I wanted to do with no means of income.
    Please be specific, I also wrote to Barbara, she told me I know the answer, wish that’s true. I want to be told.

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