Our Physical Constitution

Nature's Raw Potential
Nature’s Raw Potential

Just like nature, we have the raw potential to regenerate and recover, even when we look and feel the worst.

There is an aura around everything that reveals something more than the image and this can be enhanced by the simple acknowledgement of its presence.

Our physical constitution is made up of many things but nothing is as powerful as that special aura that indicates to everyone the unique spark within.

As we each know and feel our potential, we will start to work with the unseen energies that nourish our being and hold our physical body in perfect balance. This will bring new skills to our attention that have nothing to do with those recorded in the world at the present time.

If we can see the potential in a single tree then imagine the potential of a single person. We are much more than we can imagine and much more than has ever been recorded in the world.

We have the potential to rise above everything and to change ourselves and the world at a moments notice. It is now time to let that raw potential loose, to demonstrate itself in the world and enhance society by its mere presence.

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