Advancement of Humanity


There are many different areas in life that demand our attention. At the present time it is impossible to even attempt to summarize this in the smallest part of our society. There is however a special feeling that appears in everyone that can describe what is happening without even collecting any data and this feeling can drive each person’s life to exactly where everything is perfect and without demand.

As we step into the possibility of being aware of “what comes naturally” we find that there is more to our makeup than we ever expected. Without any special education we are able to make things happen that are outside our trained awareness and succeed at things that are not supposed to be possible.

Humanity is advancing in ways that are not defined by science and the knowing of each person is proving to be part of a huge but simple hologram that is repeated in the fractal reality in and around each person.

In order to take advantage of the natural advancement and allow everyone to experience their own gift the launch of Advancement Centers took place at our home in Santa Barbara March 1, 2015 and the video recording of the live broadcast is available on

We are continuing our live broadcast on Sunday March 15, 2015 where I will speak about the many things I see for the future and demonstrate some of the capabilities of humanity that allow each person to advance in any area they wish.

I encourage everyone to visit and register as being interested in receiving our news. Tickets for our live transmission can be purchased at the same time and a financial expression of your ongoing support can be paid on the same site.

The Advancement Center belongs to you and more Centers will open every day to support the ongoing delivery of your hidden hearts desire as part of the plan for the advancement of humanity.

I wish you all … a perfect life … perfect health … and a magic future.

Love and Harmony,