Our Brilliance

Another Sunrise
Another Sunrise

January, 24 – 2015

The morning sun brings life to its awakening and opens the way to experiences beyond belief. The capacity of such an awakening is beyond the comprehension of most and therefore hidden from their normal sense of awareness. We take this time to open everyone’s awareness so that you may all feel the immense love of your creator that pours the essence of life into every cell of your being and all the living elements that surround you. There is nothing more magic or miraculous in all the heavens than the rekindling of life as it enters a new day.

The cycle of life changes each day and every chance we have to be present in that cycle brings resolution and satisfaction in the knowing that we are looked after in ways that are beyond our conscious awareness. Right now our awareness is returning to our conscious control and our sense of satisfaction grows with the excitement of our own capability.

We are like the morning sun. We bring life to everyone and everything around us and shine a special light that shows the sparkles in our eyes as we spread magic and watch ourselves grow and bring everyone along the path of their own perfection.

This is the elegance that we share throughout the universe so that it may reflect in everyone’s life and bring the physical plane to its most elevated place where it can provide the ultimate of all experiences to those who are fortunate enough to experience life on earth at this time.

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  1. Dearest Robert – thank you so much for the view re: morning – this morning I danced and then read the blog and it reminded me why it’s all so wonderful. All of everything: rising, dancing, being. Energies in the space of Marti & Charles are getting super charged, gracious gift of this new year and you. Much gratitude!

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