A beautiful October morning
A beautiful October morning

We are all moving into a new phase of life where there is no advantage in referring to what has passed. The process of going around in circles and attempting to do things better has long passed.

The brilliance in each person is now showing and those who control a measuring system based on past agenda are finding that the people no longer accept such determination. Competition is no longer required when everyone is unique and the pleasure we get from the demonstration of our uniqueness far outweighs the devastation felt from competition.

The world of magic and miracles is our heritage and the sparkle in everyones being must be recognized to bring us all to where we know we must be. As we communicate about this reality and totally ignore any reference to anything else, our access in the universe will change.

The massive power of the human entity will support the ember that we each carry and before long the glow will spread to our aura and light the way into the ultimate condition of universal love and harmony.

7 thoughts on “Concept”

  1. This feels like homeroom from school days, but here we’re the normal ones in this dimensional classroom ~ HA HA HA!! Boy does it feel good!

  2. I was just listening to your youtube “New Evidence” part 2 – you mention a new idea for working with children – will you expand on that soon or somewhere? that makes my heart sing!

    BTW – “wrong program” – all I can say is how incredible

    – it’s helped me control my sciatica issues more than once since finding that out from you, via one of your videos! first time wasn’t so fast – now – it’s like – greased white lightning!
    (example – a cramp woke me up and as I was coming out of my sleep i thought – “wrong program” – it released immediately – i was back to sleep in seconds!) amazing – i used to toss and turn with leg cramps, for HOURS!

    simple – really, incredibly simple …

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