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Island Magic

If you look towards the “future” in everything you do then the “present” will change in an effort to provide that future.

There is a part of us that has the capability of changing reality and even distorting the events of the world to maintain our safety.

We have been divided to such an extent that we dare not mention the miracles around us, and as a result, those miracles that are available to us have become random and almost out of our reach.

The future can be visited and revealed by all of us, even though we keep telling ourselves that it is impossible. Feel the future without reference to the past and it will appear and allow you to reform its image in ways that will bring a better outcome than you ever expected.


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  1. This is absolute truth. As I continue to look into a perfect future for myself and for this world, I can feel all of universal reality coming in aroud and behind me to propell me forward. Earth is where it is all happening and the changes here are having a vast effect in universes well beyond the one where we live. It’s MAGIC and the magic is real!

  2. There is something I have been wondering about for a while, and I’m wondering, if this is the right place to ask questions.
    I would very much like to address this issue:
    As I understand it, the electromagnetic field of planet earth has already moved up to a higher vibration, and humanity is being washed clean/raised to a higher vibration by this general field. As Robert puts it: It’s like a fish bowl, and with fresh water the fish will get better too. I think that one can really feel, that this has happened/is happening everywhere, especially when one is in nature, or following one’s purpose.
    What confuses me, is that it seems, that the lower vibrations are at the same time getting worse. Increased pesticides, gmo’s, merging people with computers (terrible thought), cloning, chemtrails, engineered viruses, etc, etc, and the list goes on….
    It seems they (the one’s who are hanging on to the lower vibrations) are just going all out.
    My question is: Is this just what the media wants us to believe? Or is this due to the lower vibrations realizing that they are about to loose control and therefore pulling out everything they have got in a last effort? How far will they get with it?
    Will the lower vibration just silently fall away, because they can’t exist here anymore, or will they put up a real fight?

    What I personally really want to do, is to just ignore the lower vibrations altogether and just follow my bliss. Is it safe to do so, or should one keep an observant eye on what’s going on with the lower vibrations?

    1. Hi Stephanie, this is Robert.

      To answer your question, it is necessary to look at a few different perspectives.

      In the world of your creator there is a place for everything both good and bad, just as there are places in the earth for everything you can imagine and more. We are at liberty to access whatever we wish but there is something inside us that detects danger, even if it is a poison that we can’t see.

      As our personal transmission of the perfection, that we see as our life, becomes stronger, what we see as foreign to our world becomes more obvious, and, like the telegraph poles on the street, gradually disappears from our active vision.

      Once any person enters the fields of belief or opinion, they are voluntarily placing themselves in the virtual prison of social restriction, which is administered by the inmates. It is not necessary to believe, or have an opinion about, anything that is real in your life, but it is most certainly necessary for something that it is not a real part of your life.

      What is real, is becoming more obvious every day and the media is loosing your active attention. Be happy with your progress and know that the media is like your brain. It only finds what is wrong. If it can’t find something wrong it will distort reality to make something up so it can remain active.

      With all this in mind it is prudent to find your elevated platform of living where you can observe from a distance and enjoy the simplicity and magic of everything in your life without restriction.

      I wish you a Perfect Life, Perfect Health and a Magic Future.


  3. Dear Robert, thank you so much for your reply!!!
    This all makes a lot of sense to me and is very clarifying!
    I can tell, that over time I will understand it even more deeply.
    I think, what you are telling me, is to live my bliss fully, and be fully in the infinite/divine dimension, but still be observant of what’s going on in the world e.g. potential dangers etc. , which makes a lot of sense, especially since my path seems to lead me more into the world (but thankfully in the safe bubble of an opera stage).
    Being on the elevated platform of living my intuition will lead me away from potential dangers.

    Your response brought up another question, which has been on my mind for a long time:
    In one of your youtube videos you said that if there is too much fire without infinite trust, that can lead to a short circuit. (I don’t remember the exact wording right now). I think that this is what happened to me about 12 years ago. I had so much fire, but at that time not the infinite trust, and, well, it almost knocked me out for good. Since then, I always felt that I had to be careful with the fire, maybe almost too careful. I understand now, that I need to be grounded, and thankfully my job (singing opera) is all about being grounded and earthy. So, I’m just wondering if I understand this correctly: With infinite trust, I can also start to let more of the fire back safely?

      1. Yes. As I do this every day…nothing is ever wrong, nothing needs fixing, the day flows with grace and I have a joy inside I only imagined before. Just saying the words INFINITE TRUST is powerful magic that changes the field around me instantly. It works!
        Sending you and Barbara so much love. <3

    1. What a great chat. Thanks Robert & Stephanie! I love that you compared the media to our mind Robert…a good reminder to turn the station to watch something that you like! Sending you both love and a magical day,


  4. Dear Robert,

    I have been struggling with a question that I hope you may be able to shed some light on.

    For the longest time, I struggled to win my father’s approval, but never felt satisfied with his response, and never felt that he really understood me, even to this day. I struggled with this both consciously and subconsciously.

    Recently, with the help of a friend, I was able to resolve the conflict, as I realized that what i seeked to find, i had actually grown out of. My father’s world view, which represents the patriarchy in many ways, is not who I am. In fact, it is rather outmoded, as I embrace the new age of equality in every fiber of my spiritual self. I realized that I did not need that type of approval, and that I am capable of standing on my own two feet, and have gathered enough spiritual knowledge in this lifetime, to make my own decisions without his approval, and that I no longer needed to prove myself to him.

    My question is that, given the deeply ingrained and subconsciously reinforced patriarchal views that remain in me, that I am now consciously moving away from, what is the best way for me to deal with those outmoded habits and beliefs, when they do still arise in me?

    Thank you. Peace and Love to both you and Barbara…

    1. Hello Alex,

      There are many ways to look at what you describe. No matter which way you look, there will never be a satisfactory solution. Unfortunately, this is the case with many situations in our life because they are not real and not part of our world. What is part of our world, is our objection to someone attempting to plant something that is not ours.

      What is hidden, is the fact that no one can plant anything in our world without our permission, and if it happens all we have to say is “it is not part of my world” and all the hooks will disappear immediately.

      The fact that our objection is attached to many people and events, makes the task a little daunting but the action of declaring something as not part of your world is exponential, and it doesn’t take long for the attachments to disappear and your world to become normal.

      I often have people move their hand in the single action of wiping the slate clean. This gives a clear image to go with the declaration and tends to accelerate the process.

      Love and Harmony,


      1. Thank you so much for your reply. I deeply appreciate you, and I am beginning to see, perhaps for the first time, how this wound was simply not real. It is not part of my reality. Thank you so much. Love and light…

  5. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for creating this space.

    I have a question about the following part of a reply you gave five postings up:

    “It is not necessary to believe, or have an opinion about, anything that is real in your life, but it is most certainly necessary for something that it is not a real part of your life.”

    I understand how not having an opinion frees up everything, but don’t know what you mean by the last part of this statement. Would you give an example to clarify what you mean?

    Love, Denise

    1. When you don’t know, you can have an opinion or belief for a short time. After that, you either know or don’t know. That is it!

      Love and Harmony,


  6. Iím not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future. Cheers

  7. Thank you, Robert! (and thank you for “jumping” in after asking to focus on the task of helping to wake us up to how simple this all is! )

    I KNEW IT – I’ve run away from all these “systems” all these years and your explanations and clarity are what I hear that makes my soul sing.

    For the info above, and all your helpful tips and advice – many thanks.

    I’m having a blast with my “new” perspective – Tinklerbell are now BFFs!

    Light and love to both you and Barbara –
    Annie (@ <= cyber hug!)

  8. I would like to share a very magical story that happened this last summer. My husband and I are enthusiastic hikers and nature lovers. Sometimes perhaps too enthusiastic, because we will start any trail in any forrest, without any kind of preparation, or idea about the length of the trail:) We have been living next to the Allegany National Park, and going for hikes there frequently. We also have a tendency to start our hikes in the afternoon, because we are really not morning people. As usual we had a snack in the afternoon, and then started on a new trail, which we had never hiked before.
    I was quite muddy, as it had been raining all day, but really beautiful. We walked and walked, and as the hours went by, we thought, “well, there must be an end to this trail at some point”.
    As it started getting darker, we were sure that we would somehow still going to make it to the end of the trail by sundown, and started running. At some point it got so dark, that we were now just stumbling along, and pretty soon had to simply stop altogether, because it was now almost pitch black dark. There was no way to go even a few steps further, without risking injury.
    So…., here we were, in the middle of the huge Allegany National Park, famous for it’s black bears, wolves and wildcats, without any kind of preparation. We had no flashlight, no fire, no food, obviously no tents, no cell phone reception, and really nothing at all, other than an old bag of potato chips, which we rather wished we didn’t have, as it was potentially attracting bears. We had no idea how to get rid of that potato chip bag at this point, so we finally decided to just sit on it, and use it as insulation against the still muddy ground, hoping that the bears wouldn’t smell it. Looking back this probably wasn’t the smartest choice, but, oh well….:)
    We felt our way to the closest tree, and nestled ourselves into it’s roots, which were still muddy. It was soon getting even darker and pretty soon, it was impossible to see even the smallest hint of my hand in front of my eyes. It was perfectly black. We could have just as well been sitting there blindfolded. Instead of panicking I knew that this was my kind of territory, and that I would be able to keep us safe. My husband knew it too, and went with me energetically. We started chanting” infinite trust” and asked the angels to form a light circle of protection around us. There were lots of animal noises around us, and of course we couldn’t see anything at all, but we kept putting protective circles around us, and gave the animals the idea, that we were friendly, but, also not to attack us. So, we sat there like this in the pitch dark for a full 8 hours. It was one of the most magical experiences of our lives. We felt so connected to the forest and nature, and knew that we were just part of it, and that we would be fine there, no matter what. Then the most amazing things started to happen. We saw a big light in front of us, that seemed not to have any explanation, since the moon had not come up yet, and also didn’t reach us, when it did, because the forest was so thick. I’m convinced that it was my guardian angel. We somehow knew, that as long as we were seeing this light, everything would be fine. It never left us, till morning. Then there was a circle of light sparks over our heads, just like I had been praying for the angles to protect us in a circle. Another time there was a little light flying over our heads, which I think was a fairy. I saw that it was carrying a little pot of gold, and my husband saw it as pink. So we were sitting there like “oh, that’s gold” – “no, it’s pink”- “no, gold!”.
    The moon wasn’t reaching us at all, but at one time, it came in as a tiny slither of extreme milky bright light. I looked up and a little tree right in front of us was bathed in extreme light and standing aglow, as everything around it, including us, was still in perfect darkness. Another thing that happened was, that it started raining somewhere left of us, and later somewhere further right of us, but never where we were. We felt so protected. When the sun finally came up, it was absolutely glorious, and breathtaking. The colors started to return and soon the forest was bathed in light and colors of such beauty and life, that we were just sitting there in absolut awe, and only wished, that we would never have to leave this place. After another hour of being in awe of the incredible beauty surrounding us, we started stretching our limbs, and for the first time in 9 hours got up from our position at the foot of our tree. We realized that we had long gotten of the trail, which wasn’t much of a trail to begin with, but we were just in the middle of the forest. We hiked another 2 hours back to the car in total awe, and taking in every picture of perfect beauty and storing it forever into our memories. I think that we became creatures of the forest that night. We just weren’t able to leave the forest anymore, and we ended up renting a cabin in the forest for another 6 weeks, because we just couldn’t leave anymore. One night, when I was alone in the cabin, I just had to open the window at night, even though it was very cold, just to be closer. As I looked out of the window there was the light again!

  9. wow – steph – what a wonderful tale! I really enjoyed experiencing it through your story

    I just found Robert’s work, online, through a friend, and Barbara suggested I come up and check out this blog

    for those of you who are new to his “fire-side” chats – I’d recommend this YOUTUBE (and all the others).

    today – this one spoke to me, clearer than ever – living your divinity is really stupid simple … just get out of your way and invite yourself in!

    AS ALL WAYS – Robert – thank you!

    1. how weird – looks like the link isn’t showing

      the title of this 1 hour youtube is “You Are the Answer”

      here’s the link – once more – in text, below – hope it sticks!

      Youtube ID # v=XxQ-fTP_64A

  10. Hi Robert!

    Thank you for this blog, that givers us opportunities to ask questions!

    Some years ago, I too, was surrounded by this HUGE energy, but I did not “understand”, so I became afraid and shut myself down. I nearly died, and completely lost connection to my feeling…(Maybee I was an “empath” – feeling too much before that)

    Gradually I have recovered, but still I feel “disconnected” –
    Can you give an advise, how I best can “refind” my feelings?

    My best regards to You and Barbara –


    1. Hello Torill,

      There is no real answer as to why things happen to us in our life and there is no need to attempt to recover the past. Everything ahead is new and very different to the past. What you felt as a HUGE energy in the past would be really small to you now.

      Your feeling of disconnection is based on a past image and this is how it is supposed to be. Your real connection is in the future and it is like nothing you or anyone else experienced in the past. If you pursue the path of being more disconnected from everything you will suddenly find yourself in the middle of the the magic and miracles that has never left you.

      There is a small exercise detailed in my book ” Your Personal Super Compuret” that will assist you with freeing up your energy field. It seems to have nothing to do with what you are talking about but it will open your body to things that it would normally reject.

      Remember, there is nothing wrong and nothing to fix. Simply move on and let the old “stuff” fall of the back of the truck.

      Love and Harmony,


      1. Dear Robert!

        These words COMFORTS me!
        “Nothing to fix” makes a GOOD relaxation in my body – a releaving ansvar! I can bury “the old” – and make a New Start! FINALLY!
        (Look foreward to read your book:)

        In gratitude – THANK YOU! (- glad I asked!)


  11. Robert and Barbara, these Blogs are fantastic and so brilliant that people now have access to speak to you both in such a forum, keep doing what you do and much love to you both and I’m really looking forward to talking to you both later today, Lisa xxx

  12. I am grateful for my wife sharing our magical night in the forest…it has changed my life forever…we laughingly joke that I have now reclaimed my inner hobbit:) That night I too felt so loved, by the forest and the angels, that I believe protected us…and my supporting my wife and giving her all my strength, I knew she could lead us through that night with her energy work…that night made me realize there is magic everywhere…one simply has to be open…and it showed me that we simply have to be our true loving selves, and we naturally find our balance…the forest and the angels guided us to the right balance…I was no longer a bullying overbearing man, but simply my honest steadfast supporting self, and I gave her energy instead of taking it away…and she was then able to lead us with her her divine feminine energy…it was pure magic…

  13. What a wonderful interview with Lisa on “CryFreedomRadio”!
    Thanks, Barbara and Robert!!
    It feels like such a relief to finally hear somebody say these things out loud! Things that one always intuitively somehow knew, but the world seems to just want to deny.
    Well, who cares what the world thinks, I’m going to go with what I know is true!!! And more…..:)
    I loved the part about the emerging feminine energy, and how women will take over to just create, while the man supports, and also keeps the base in place, and perhaps channels any superfluous left over energy back into the ground, so that the woman can start with fresh energy again and keep going,
    When Alex and I are in sink, that’s what I feel.
    Then I can just focus on creating, while he supports me and keeps things steady.
    The feminine energies are coming back into the world with full force !!!

    1. The interview was great! I felt all tingly afterwards for a long time and I loved the feeling of Lisa’s joy as she felt Robert’s words. I’m so happy I was part of it.

  14. Dear Robert,

    I just posted the following on facebook…just thought i’d get your feedback, to see if i’m on the right track, or if i should edit or clarify:

    it seems it takes us most of our lives, to come to the realization, that we are the consciousness observing it all…and can then detach ourselves from the content in our lives…and reclaim the 99% of us that is space…then the natural balance is restored…that is where the peace begins…i think…suffering, as the Buddha once said…is in a way a gift…you get so fed up with the content, that you stop resisting it and fighting it anymore…then when you just accept what is…suddenly a space opens up…suddenly you’re still here…and can see the content without identifying with the content…or as Robert Young might say…”it’s not part of my reality…” Once you reclaim that space…you reclaim your eternal self…it seems…the reality is that you were always magical…the ‘play world’ exists for you to achieve that realization…it seems…

    Thank you, as always…love and light <3

    1. just want to clarify…the begining of my question is actually what Eckhart Tolle, and I am trying reconcile the two teachings…so my question is, is the shift in consciousness that Eckhart Tolle and the Buddha teach a similar shift in what you are teaching Robert, or are shades of grey that I am missing here? What I am really trying to figure out is is there any difference, ultimately, between the two teachings, which seem to arrive at the same ultimate truth…

      Thank you again for your time, Dear Robert…<3

  15. Dear Robert,

    I actually have a question linked to the above, that may bring it all together…what I am noticing, is that…as I became ‘awakened’ to the oneness of all things, and began to inhabit the spaciousness within me, as Eckhart Tolle and the Buddha helped me to arrive at, I was then seemingly ready for your message…so it seems, that a necessary prerequisite is to first be open…to reclaim that inner spaciousness…that eternal self…from there, you have opened up the universe to me, as you taught me not to limit myself to the consciousness of self…but to celebrate the divine consciousness…the oneness we all know deeply…and feel deeply….now my life is full of magic and miracles…in many ways, I am now also beginning to understand the celestine prophecy teachings, as suddenly it as become clear that by shifting my attention from the ‘play world,’ to the miracle world of oneness…that I am now able to give loving attention and channel loving energy in ways I never thought were possible…i suppose we all have different ways of arriving at truth…and since it is truth, we will all find it, especially as you say the shift is already happening…I just wanted to clarify and reconcile the teachings to see if i can help others to understand the process of awakening…that is the deeper longing in me…to help us all awaken to this truth that you have shared…it is so needed in this world…thank you profoundly for helping me to awaken to the truth…love and light and sparkles…:) <3

    1. Hello Alex,

      Everything you are saying is very interesting and true in many ways but no matter how much you write there will always be more. It depends on where your focus is at any one time. I am afraid I don’t have the words to explain such things from my present perspective. This is why I keep clear of teaching anything. I use words and examples to assist people in accessing their own knowing which is always more appropriate than anything I can offer as a teaching. I can say however, that no one will ever need to know the path that you are describing because there is always another way that becomes obvious as the sense of logic and opinion drifts into the background.

      Love and Harmony,


  16. I simply want to say I am just very new to weblog and definitely savored this web site. More than likely I’m going to bookmark your site . You definitely come with superb articles. Bless you for sharing your website.

  17. Thank you Robert…that was very helpful…it seems it’s about where one focuses their attention…not using logic and opinion…probably like how it is impossible to define love with words…words always fall short of the magic of love…or perhaps as someone said, ‘The Tao that can be named is not the true Tao’…it is about where you focus your awareness…i do notice when I focus on beauty and love, and feeling that connection to nature and the universe… the connection becomes stronger….

    Thank you so much!

    Eternally grateful…in love and light…<3

  18. I really want to thank everyone who shares, I Took some notes that resonate with me, I also had a glimpse of all this magic once before, I have been working hard just to experience that, now I know that I have it in me and I just have to feel the connection with all the movements you gave instruction, see the magic happens, I am so ready for the magic of love, bubbles & sparkles.
    Thanks again

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