Our Physical Constitution

Nature's Raw Potential
Nature’s Raw Potential

Just like nature, we have the raw potential to regenerate and recover, even when we look and feel the worst.

There is an aura around everything that reveals something more than the image and this can be enhanced by the simple acknowledgement of its presence.

Our physical constitution is made up of many things but nothing is as powerful as that special aura that indicates to everyone the unique spark within.

As we each know and feel our potential, we will start to work with the unseen energies that nourish our being and hold our physical body in perfect balance. This will bring new skills to our attention that have nothing to do with those recorded in the world at the present time.

If we can see the potential in a single tree then imagine the potential of a single person. We are much more than we can imagine and much more than has ever been recorded in the world.

We have the potential to rise above everything and to change ourselves and the world at a moments notice. It is now time to let that raw potential loose, to demonstrate itself in the world and enhance society by its mere presence.

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11 thoughts on “Our Physical Constitution”

  1. Hi Robert – thank you for your work. A friend shared your videos on youtube and I’ve bought and read a few of your books.

    My question is – I can focus and connect, the sparkles and everything are so evident – how to just keep it “on” all the time – seems like I have to think about it to make it occur and on one of your videos you mention that might be 5-6000 times a day

    Any tips?

    1. Hi Annie,

      This may sound unusual but it is like walking … Forget about how, and it will happen perfectly each time you need it.

      Love and Harmony,


  2. G’Day, Robert, I’m eager to hear the lovely British lass read your words but being a semi-luddite, I don’t know where to click to hear her BBC broadcast. Much love to you and Barbara from Toronto Pam.

    1. Hi Pam,

      At the bottom of the email, click on the microphone. A new screen with the tree and a play bar above will appear. Click on the play arrow on the left and you can listen. If this doesn’t work you can download the file and play it directly from your computer (instructions are under the tree photo). Enjoy!

      Love and Harmony,


  3. Hello dear Robert,

    I have been well aware of my sparkles and it’s magical effect on my surroundings 🙂 Somehow I find it less easy to let the sparkles work in my life. It may sound really funny, but how to let this work out beautifully both for me, my physicality and anyone I meet all at the same time? A part of me doesn’t get it, that it doesn’t need to get it.
    Much love, Irene

    1. Hello Irene,

      I understand what you are saying and from where you are standing it is really difficult. The best thing to do is move from where it is difficult to where it takes no effort at all. This is your elevated platform of living where your connection is clear and the world feels like a parallel dimension that responds immediately and supports your world of magic and miracles.

      Love and Harmony,


  4. Hi Robert &Barbara
    I met you through a friend of mine, I loved what you said about infinite trust. I wanted so to walk in it . This walk is not new to me I am on this earth for 85 years, I have a thing, about medicine, that i have been taking and don’t feel strong enough to stop. pressure and lung, Why is so hard.
    in Always Much Love to you and Barbara

    1. Hello Tony,

      If you need medicine then stick with it. It is important that your body is comfortable. Your constitution is beyond all this, and it builds as you enjoy being totally comfortable (no matter what your situation may be). If the energies around you build in the direction of taking you off medicine, then you will simply find that you have forgotten about it and you still feel OK. Most times the constitution works on the structure that is beyond our knowing with the purpose of keeping our spark alive and transmitting courage in the face of everything. Enjoy the prospects.

      We wish you … Perfect Life … Perfect Health … Magic future
      Love and Harmony,

      Robert & Barbara.

  5. Hello Robert, Thanks so much for your answer. This lead me to another question. A couple of years ago I was very aware I ignored my inner guidance, as I couldn’t believe and at the same time was to afraid something would happen to me. My guidance said not to travel that day as something would occur, but I decided, consciously to go anyway. Without going into details, something did happen, and in some ways I went through my deepest fears. Nothing happened to my being, but it definitely changed the course of my journey. And part of me feels limited by the experience and the recording of it. Is there any way in which this whole experience and outcome can still be shifted, and feel the freedom again to travel physically everywhere without any limitations? Will this automatically happen as I move to where it’s more easy? Will the rest take care of itself? Thanks so much. Irene

    1. Hello Irene,

      Like many questions, the answer has been transmitted in the formatting of the question. You obviously know exactly what will or will not happen depending on how you see your own focus. It is totally up to you. If you want it to happen automatically then it will but it will be different to what you imagine and always much better.

      Love and Harmony,


      1. Hello Robert,
        Thanks so much, I am feeling now there’s no need to hold onto anything. Being in elevated state I can explore without ever being lost or truly affected by circumstances.


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