Advancement of Humanity


There are many different areas in life that demand our attention. At the present time it is impossible to even attempt to summarize this in the smallest part of our society. There is however a special feeling that appears in everyone that can describe what is happening without even collecting any data and this feeling can drive each person’s life to exactly where everything is perfect and without demand.

As we step into the possibility of being aware of “what comes naturally” we find that there is more to our makeup than we ever expected. Without any special education we are able to make things happen that are outside our trained awareness and succeed at things that are not supposed to be possible.

Humanity is advancing in ways that are not defined by science and the knowing of each person is proving to be part of a huge but simple hologram that is repeated in the fractal reality in and around each person.

In order to take advantage of the natural advancement and allow everyone to experience their own gift the launch of Advancement Centers took place at our home in Santa Barbara March 1, 2015 and the video recording of the live broadcast is available on

We are continuing our live broadcast on Sunday March 15, 2015 where I will speak about the many things I see for the future and demonstrate some of the capabilities of humanity that allow each person to advance in any area they wish.

I encourage everyone to visit and register as being interested in receiving our news. Tickets for our live transmission can be purchased at the same time and a financial expression of your ongoing support can be paid on the same site.

The Advancement Center belongs to you and more Centers will open every day to support the ongoing delivery of your hidden hearts desire as part of the plan for the advancement of humanity.

I wish you all … a perfect life … perfect health … and a magic future.

Love and Harmony,



Our Brilliance

Another Sunrise
Another Sunrise

January, 24 – 2015

The morning sun brings life to its awakening and opens the way to experiences beyond belief. The capacity of such an awakening is beyond the comprehension of most and therefore hidden from their normal sense of awareness. We take this time to open everyone’s awareness so that you may all feel the immense love of your creator that pours the essence of life into every cell of your being and all the living elements that surround you. There is nothing more magic or miraculous in all the heavens than the rekindling of life as it enters a new day.

The cycle of life changes each day and every chance we have to be present in that cycle brings resolution and satisfaction in the knowing that we are looked after in ways that are beyond our conscious awareness. Right now our awareness is returning to our conscious control and our sense of satisfaction grows with the excitement of our own capability.

We are like the morning sun. We bring life to everyone and everything around us and shine a special light that shows the sparkles in our eyes as we spread magic and watch ourselves grow and bring everyone along the path of their own perfection.

This is the elegance that we share throughout the universe so that it may reflect in everyone’s life and bring the physical plane to its most elevated place where it can provide the ultimate of all experiences to those who are fortunate enough to experience life on earth at this time.

It Is Easy To Smile

Who are You ...
Who are You …

It is easy to smile when you know that the world smiles with you.

Our inner connection is such that one smile instigates another and another until the whole world smiles with you. There is no physical proof but we all know that it is true and a sensation of complete satisfaction is returned to prove its reality.

At this time, more than ever before, little things matter, and the problems of the world sink into the background when you focus on the small. A caring glance will transform a life in a moment and the brilliance of a young child will bring you to tears.

These things have much more depth than the superficial life we are exposed to every day, and the magical powers of such simple acts can never be emphasized enough.

Our purpose in the world has been overshadowed by many complexities, and the simple things have been pushed into the background. One quick smile can light up your eyes and reveal the simplicity that holds your message for the world.

The project for the elevation of the world “is still on” and the simplicity of a smile or a special gesture to another person will reveal the secret of your entire life. Try it and you will never again wonder about your real purpose in life.

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Relax and Live

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Writing – 5 December 2014

Look further into the future and you will see that everything has changed. There is no other function needed apart from what you are doing now. All the fundamental actions are in place and nothing but life itself can be defined as the driving force for the future.

Relax and live, while you watch everything change around you. All the excitement is held in each moment and not one thing will be missed as you progress along the path of your ultimate destiny.

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Our Physical Constitution

Nature's Raw Potential
Nature’s Raw Potential

Just like nature, we have the raw potential to regenerate and recover, even when we look and feel the worst.

There is an aura around everything that reveals something more than the image and this can be enhanced by the simple acknowledgement of its presence.

Our physical constitution is made up of many things but nothing is as powerful as that special aura that indicates to everyone the unique spark within.

As we each know and feel our potential, we will start to work with the unseen energies that nourish our being and hold our physical body in perfect balance. This will bring new skills to our attention that have nothing to do with those recorded in the world at the present time.

If we can see the potential in a single tree then imagine the potential of a single person. We are much more than we can imagine and much more than has ever been recorded in the world.

We have the potential to rise above everything and to change ourselves and the world at a moments notice. It is now time to let that raw potential loose, to demonstrate itself in the world and enhance society by its mere presence.

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Hello world!

Welcome to the first blog from our new site.

We are presenting something new that will open lots of new doors and allow a closer connection between Robert and the people who wish to explore beyond what is available on our web sites and youtube.

If you have something that you would like to explore then add your comment and see where it all leads.

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